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We are a very small team and no-shows and late cancellations can be absolutely devastating to our business, not to mention disappointing to those clients who might have been able to attend but who couldn't get booked in. In response to this we have now implemented a no show protection policy via our booking app 'Fresha' to all appointments booked with us.

All bookings will need to be confirmed with a card on file via the booking app. You will either add this when booking yourself or a confirmation email or text will be sent if booking direct. 

We do not have access to your card information. It is stored securely by our booking app provider. You may continue to pay in person by cash, card or whatever means you prefer on completion of your visit.

You do not have to confirm via card if you do not want to - However we reserve the right to cancel, without notice, any appointments that are not confirmed, in order to schedule other bookings. If you want to ensure your booking is secure, we will require card confirmation.

We require a minimum 48hrs notice to cancel an appointment made with us. Don't worry, we send you a reminder text and email 72hrs before your allotted time so there's ample time to reschedule or cancel if you can no longer make it. Please ensure your contact details are correct and up to date to avoid missing out on your reminders.

Cancelling within 48hr of the scheduled time: 50% of the appointment booking will be charged.

Failure to attend, and not letting us know (no show) will result in 100% of the appointment cost being charged. 

Changing the service on the day will be classed as a late cancellation and the full price for the original service booked will be chargeable -regardless if the service change is cheaper in cost. 

We hope you understand that these measures have been made in order to maintain a smooth schedule and ensure our time is respected by genuine clients.

Thank you for your understanding. 

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Very Important Information

A friendly reminder about Patch Testing prior to your tinting appointments. 

Wether for Hair or Beauty you must ensure your test is up to to date and we advise if you’ve not had any tinting service within the last 6 months it’s very important to re test to rule out any potential reactions. 

It’s also come to the attention of the industry that if you’ve had Covid-19 you are now prone to having sensitivities and allergic reactions where previously you had none. There’s some horror stories in the press of hospitalisation after hair colour and I’d never forgive myself if it happened to one of you. 

It’s so easy to book a patch test online- it takes all of a minute. You can have a quick consultation conversation if you’ve any questions about your service or treatment prior to attendance also- Maybe you’ve been thinking of something new?

Anyway please, please, please ensure you are patch tested or we will have to refuse you service

(and we don’t want to do that). 

Big love 


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We love all of our clients at Hair & Beauty by Hester and we want to make sure everyone is safe and feels at home in our cosy Salon. That’s why we’ve set this policy; to make sure everyone who walks through our doors has an enjoyable and stress free time (that includes you too mumma!). 

We want to ensure a relaxed environment, minimise risk of accident or injury and provide a safe working environment. With this in mind we kindly ask that you attend your appointment without your little ones in tow. We do not have the space or facilities to accommodate pushchairs in our little shop (plus a salon full of enticing things, chemicals, hot and sharp objects etc is very tempting- but not at all a suitable environment for children). This is your chance for a bit of 'me time' too, so we thank you for arranging children to be cared for elsewhere before attending your appointment with us. 

Please note: Children are still very much welcome to attend their own appointments at the salon, and we offer a range of Haircuts and services suitable for our younger patrons.

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Since its establishment, Hair & Beauty By Hester has provided Milton Keynes with great beauty products and exceptional service.

Our team are absolutely dedicated to ensuring you are completely content and satisfied every time. We take pride in our work, have an eye for the details and we aim for perfection on each and every occasion. But we are human after all... and sometimes we may not hit the mark for you. If you are ever unhappy after a treatment or a visit here, please inform the salon within 24 hours. We will strive and endeavour to correct any mistakes and redeem ourselves in whatever way possible to ensure your satisfaction. We do not offer refunds. We reserve the right to amend our pricing without prior notice.

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